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Most people never reach their true potential

They are stuck in a rat race

They don't take any action

They feels like having no free time

What about you?

“I am trying, but how do I find time for my side projects and hobbies?”

Glad you asked. That's a question I hear a lot.

You wake up at 7 am, make breakfast & get kids ready for school. Then 1 hour traffic to get to work by 9 am.

Leave around 6 pm with 1 hour traffic to get home luckily by 7 pm if not later. Cook dinner and do house chores until 10 pm.

After that you are free but completely exhausted.

You know every free minute counts...

But You would rather watch another episode of Game of Thrones, than start working on your dream project or learning your new hobby.

It is so tempting to procrastinate because you...

lost track of your goals
don't see any material progress
don't want to lose time going down rabbit holes

It doesn't have to be like that.

What if there is a tool, that will help you be actionable in executing your dreams?


You'd instantly know what you want to achieve today
You'd avoid distractions and stay focused
You'd execute your dreams step by step
You'd see how far you've gone
You'd get motivated and inspired by other hustlers

Introducing The Hustle app made for high performance overarchievers with short attention span and horrible memory.

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Here is how it Works

Set your personal Goal

I Want to retire.

Someday before i turn 40.

Because I want to achieve Freedom.

So I'm gonna Hustle 24/7.

And create a Billion Dollars Business.

Take Action!

I still Have 1 hour left untill end of day.

So I'm gonna Hustle. Because, why not.

And I will religiously track my Time.

Hustling + Reflection = Progress

Some days I procrastinate.

But other days I bust my ass.

The more time I Invest in my Goals.

The higher probability I will Suceed.

Invest in yourself Today

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