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Most People Never Reach Their Goals

Because they never tried TheHustle before. Just kidding. It is because they...

are stuck in a rat race

don't take any action

They feel like having no free time

What About You?

“I Am Trying, But How Do I Find Time For My Side Hustles And Hobbies?”

Glad you asked. That's a question I hear a lot.

You wake up at 7 am, make breakfast & get kids ready for school. Then 1 hour traffic to get to work by 9 am.

Leave around 6 pm with 1 hour traffic to get home luckily by 7 pm if not later. Cook dinner and do house chores until 10 pm.

After that, you are free but completely exhausted.

You know every free minute count...

But You would rather watch another episode of Game of Thrones, than start working on your dream project or learning your new hobby.

It is so tempting to procrastinate because you...

lost track of your goals

don't see any material progress

don't want to lose time going down rabbit holes

It Doesn't Have To Be Like That.

What if there is a tool, that will help you be actionable in executing your dreams?

Imagine You Would:

instantly know what you want to achieve today

avoid distractions and stay focused

execute your dreams step by step

see how far you've gone

get motivated and inspired by other hustlers

Introducing TheHustle

An app made for overachievers with short attention span and horrible memory

Here Is How It Works

Set A Personal Goal

I Want to retire

Someday before i turn 40

Because I want to achieve Freedom

So I'm gonna Hustle 24/7

And create a Billion Dollars Business

Take Action!

I still Have 1 hour left until the end of day

So I'm gonna Hustle. Because, why not?

And I will religiously track my Time

Hustling + Reflection = Progress

Some days I procrastinate

But other days I bust my ass

The more time I Invest in my Goals

The higher chance of Success

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My Story

"TheHustle helped me to build and launch TheHustle, while working 9-5 in a year. Wow, so meta!"

Viet Phan

9-5 Product Manager

Side Hustler Since 2019

As a busy Product Manager working in a bank, I always wanted to create my own product as a side hustle.

But I never found time nor motivation to finish any mid to long term project.

I always gave up after few weeks, because life happened.

Either it was a procrastination, other shiny object snydrome or a general lost of motivation. I just lacked a tool that would help me be productive and keep me motviated.

On top of that, I had zero coding knowledge.

Then Everything Changed

After reaching 10 pull ups in a year, I decided to apply the same process and gave myself a challenge to learn React and build TheHustle at the same time.

Thanks to following my method, that I also incorporated to TheHustle, I was able to code a SAAS product from scratch, with zero coding experience, while working 9-5 as a banker.


"Cool Story Bro! But What Method U Talkin' Bout?"

Sure. Let me explain my methodology. I always...

Follow My Passion And Do What I Love

TheHustle reminds me, what is the ultimate driver behind my goals. E.g. I build TheHustle because I want to help others in achieving their side hustling goals by using my methodology.

Breakdown Impossible Dreams To Realistic Tasks

TheHustle let me define big goals and give me freedom to break them down into smaller managable tasks.

Breakdown Tasks To Actionable Steps I Can Do Now

Number one reason why most TODO apps fail is because people create ambigious and time consuming tasks. TheHustle is different. I can breakdown tasks further into next best steps, that will move the needle.

Commit To One Step At A Time And Track My Time

Multitasking is a myth. The creative part of the brain needs time and directed focus to solve the puzzle. TheHustle is aware of that and helps me be committed and focused by religiously tracking my time spent on each step.

Switch Tasks If Stuck To Keep My Momentum

Sometimes no amount of eyeballing and thinking moves the needle. So I switch to another task to keep my mind fresh, challenged and productive.

Treat My Free Time As Currency

Shortly after my thirties, I realized, that 60% of the time I spend on working for "Da Man", 45% of the time goes to daily chores. And the rest, 15% or 2 hours are lost forever if I don't take any action. So that is why TheHustle shows how much of the free time was spent on side hustling, and how much was lost forever.

Keep Eye On My Free Time Investment

Of course, sometimes life circumstances can slow down the progress. Therefore it is more important than ever to acknowledge the trend and take back the control of my life. See example below.

During the autumn, I was working on an intense 9-5 project abroad and didn't have time to side hustle. Thank god TheHustle showed me I was slacking and losing my free time. One look and I was able to quickly get back on track.

Get Inspired By Other Hustlers

@Viet spent 92m 10 months, 3 weeks ago
Scripting and planning
@Viet spent 72m 11 months ago
Process video footage
@Viet spent 89m 11 months, 1 week ago
Write march report
@Viet spent 90m 11 months, 1 week ago
Scripting and planning
@Viet spent 110m 11 months, 1 week ago
Scripting and planning

Here Are A Few FAQs I've Get A Lot

Why Are My Goals Public?

Because having a public goal helps you be accountable. It was a decision to make TheHustle transparent and motivational for every member.

Can I Use TheHustle On Mobile Phone?

TheHustle is a web application and is not suited for use on mobile phones. The workflow would have to be simplified to reach the same level of user experience. If I get enough interest, I will create a mobile focused version.

Other Questions?

I'd love to hear about your experience with TheHustle. Send me your feedback, suggestions, anything.

Email me right now